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What Documents are Required When Applying for a Tourist Schengen Visa?
on 2018-11-17

When applying for a Tourist Schengen Visa, you must submit the following documents:   Visa application form. Fully completed with correct information, printed and signed at the end.   Two recent photos. Taken within the last three months, in compliance with the Schengen visa photo criteria.   Valid passport. No older than ten years and with a minimum validity of three months beyond your planned stay in Schengen. Readmore

Almuftah Trading presents Best Employee of the Quarter in a recent awarding
on 2018-11-15

Staff from Almuftah Trading, one of Almuftah Group’s divisions, have recently been awarded Best Employee of the Quarter in a handover formality held at the company’s head office in Al Sadd, Doha. The Best Employee of the 3rd Quarter (July to September) Sales Sector went to Ms. Rose Ann Basadre, a Merchandiser from Channels Department. The Best Employee of the 3rd Quarter in the Support Staff Sector went to Mr. Bhuban Budhathoki, a Merchandiser from Channels Department. Mr. Readmore

Almuftah Travels & Tours staff receives enhanced customer service training
on 2018-11-05

A number of staff from Almuftah Travel & Tours have recently undergone a customer service seminar at Almuftah Group’s head office in Al Sadd, Doha. The “Secrets of Superior Customer Service” workshop aims to further improve the customer relationships competencies of the Almuftah Travel & Tours employees. Readmore

Almuftah Group employees participates in altruism through blood donation program
on 2018-11-01

Staff from various divisions and departments of Almuftah Group took part in a blood donation campaign at the company’s head office in Al Sadd. With the assistance of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), employees have gathered and those eligible gave blood through the hospital’s Mobile Donor Unit parked at the premises of the company. This is the 9th year Almuftah Group has participated in this event. During the blood donor program, Mr. Readmore

Employee from Almuftah Contracting receives retirement award
on 2018-10-14

A laborer from Almuftah Contracting has recently received a retirement award and retirement benefits in a hand-over ceremony held at Almuftah Group’s head office in Al Sadd. Mr. Jayasena Tennekoon Mudiyanselage, Senior Painter from Almuftah Contracting, has been given an employee retirement package as part of Almuftah Group’s corporate program of acknowledging long-serving employees of their accomplishments and loyalty. He has served for more than 7 years with the company. Attended by Mr. Readmore

Almuftah Group employees bag best employee awards
on 2018-07-28

Staff from Almuftah Trading have received best employee of the month awards at a recent awarding held at the company’s head office in Al Sadd. For the Sales Category award, Ms. Cristina Esguerra, Sales Staff for Retail Department bagged the first place award. The runners up include Mr. Atik Ahmed, Sales Executive for Channels Department, Mr. Vinu Murali, Sales Executive for Projects Department, and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Aly Habib, IT Engineer for WBE. For Support Category, Mr. Readmore

Almuftah Fibreglass staff receives retirement benefits
on 2018-07-17

As part of the company’s corporate program, Mr. Vadakke Koroth Sadanandan, Office Administrator for Almuftah Fibreglass division, has received his retirement award in a ceremony held at Almuftah Group’s head office in Al Sadd, Doha. Having served for more than 18 years, Mr. Sadanandan has been bestowed an appreciation plaque, together with gifts and monetary compensation. During the awarding, Mr. Readmore

Almuftah Group and Oracle Corporation Signs Cloud Enterprise Agreement
on 2018-07-04

Almuftah Group and Oracle Corporation has signed a service agreement on business process management in a recent ceremony held at Almuftah Group’s office in Bin Mahmoud, Doha. The contract agreement will give Oracle Corporation control of Almuftah Group’s Enterprise Resources Management (ERP) through its ERP Cloud Digital Transformation platform, including the management of its business processes like finance, procurement, Human Resources, attendance, and others. Readmore

Almuftah Group organizes Suhoor Gathering for Managers
on 2018-06-12

Almuftah Group, a diversified business conglomerate based in Qatar, recently hosted its annual Suhoor Gathering for its managers and other executives in Shebestan Palace in Al Sadd, Doha. Headed by Almuftah Group’s Mr. Ibrahim Almuftah, Managing Director, and Mr. Readmore

Tires & Lubricants Division Employee receives Retirement Benefits
on 2018-05-23

A worker from Almuftah Tires and Lubricants has recently received Retirement Benefits in a handover ceremony at Almuftah Group head office in Al Sadd, Doha. This month’s Retirement Award went to Mr. Karuppam Vettil Ayyutty Aboobaker, Light Duty Driver who has served more than 20 years with Almuftah Tires and Lubricants division. Present during the awarding was Mr. Rami Yarvas, Chief HR Officer of Human Resources Department, and other managers. At the awarding Mr. Readmore