Career areas

In this section, you can learn more about the different career areas within Almuftah Group. Almuftah Group is ever-changing and always growing, so your contribution as an associate is essential to the continued reinvention of our enterprise.


We always look for innovative and driven leaders whose insights can help us turn our passion into action. At Almuftah Group, we know that to propel our business into the future, we need people who can help us develop bold strategies that defy conventional wisdom and give us the winning edge. We need people who can tell us what will work and what won’t, today and in the years to come — people who have an impeccable eye for “what’s good now” and “what’s next.” Opportunities for leadership within our organisation are as varied as our businesses themselves.

Operations and Administrative Services

Almuftah Group needs individuals who can keep our business running so that we can continuously respond to an ever-changing environment. Our administrative staff always strives for excellence and helps keep our people focused and organised. As an associate in this field, you will get the chance to improve processes within the organisation, enjoy a challenging career working with junior and senior executives, and contribute to the fulfillment of our projects and programs.

Human Resources

Attracting and developing the best talents is crucial to the success of our business. That is why we make sure that the people we choose are the very best. But aside from discovering talents from outside the organisation, the human resources team also helps our existing associates develop new skills and supports them throughout their careers. If you have a knack for uncovering and nurturing other people’s potentials, then you belong in this group.


Managing the finances of Almuftah Group is an enormous challenge. That is why we are looking for individuals with keen financial acumen to take care of our financial and auditing operations. If you are good with numbers, and if you’re all about integrity, personal accountability, and exceptional attention to detail, then come and sit down with us. You might just be the one we are looking for.

Information Technology

Almuftah Group invests heavily in technology to ensure that its corporate infrastructure is running perfectly. We are constantly looking for individuals who can help us design, produce, and operate IT solutions that allow us to keep our business just a few steps above cutting edge. If you’re a technologist who has the eagerness to discover ways how our business can develop further with the help of information technology, this may be your opportunity.

Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

From building home furnishings, to manufacturing polymer products, to carrying out full-scale construction projects, Almuftah Group excels at designing and engineering innovative solutions for its customers. Our designers, architects, and craftsmen work with our engineers and technicians to ensure that our passion for creativity and aesthetics keeps pace with our commitment to excellent manufacturing and construction processes, as well as with our policy to ensure quality and to exceed all safety and regulatory requirements. These people’s innovative contributions are at the heart of our company’s culture. Are you one of them?

Sales and Retail

Making sure that our products sell is not as easy as it sounds. To do that, we first put together one of the best sales and retail teams in Qatar, individuals who have a keen awareness about what the market needs and what consumers want. Our sales and retail associates work hand-in-hand with their colleagues in other departments, contributing their insights and ideas. They excel in building sustainable and mutually lucrative partnerships with retailers, and they are skilled at fostering relationships with consumers—people who are always counting on the right individuals to find the products and services they need. If you have a flair for anticipating trends and consistently closing deals, you may be a fit for this team

Supply Chain and Distribution

Operating one of Qatar’s biggest businesses places enormous demands on our distribution and logistics processes. That’s why we make sure we get only the best supply chain professionals who can think strategically and have the flexibility to solve the challenges that come their way. If you think you can help make sure that our customers get the products and services they need at the right place and at the right time, then we want you.

After Sales and Customer Service

Meeting our customers’ requirements is vital to what we do. As a goods and services company, our goal is to delight people when they purchase a product or avail themselves of our services. Almuftah Group is known for its exemplary after-sales support, maintenance, and repair services, which makes us an ideal organisation to join if you have excellent technical skills and a flair for customer service..