Restaurants and Catering

Each of the restaurants that comprise Almuftah Group’s restaurant business is unique and memorable. Most of them are popular casual dining restaurants where diners are afforded great food and friendly service in comfortable surroundings, while others are established fine dining favourites. Over the years, we have realised our vision to create a restaurant group that is truly international in flavour and character. Today, we serve a wondrous variety of American, European, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Far East Asian fares — all the food one can imagine in a melting pot like Doha! The fact that we have been around since 1977 speaks volumes about just how much our patrons enjoy the great food and dining experience that we offer.


Sterling Catering Services is one of the most successful restaurant operators in the State of Qatar. We have been in the food and beverages business since 1977, but even after so many years, our family of restaurants still continues to grow. No matter ...