about us

AboutAlmuftah Group started its operations in 1963 at a providential time when the oil- and gas-rich nation of Qatar first began exploring the advantages of establishing a diversified economic base.

This pioneering spirit, so palpable in the country during that new era of progress, also fueled the passion and imagination of Almuftah Group's founder and chairman, Abdulrehman Muftah Almuftah, and a small team of innovative individuals who went on to establish the company.

From its humble beginnings as a dealer of tyres in the 1960s, Almuftah Group has evolved to become one of Qatar's most esteemed business groups, a diversified enterprise which today offers a multiplicity of world-class products and services to its customers. At present, Almuftah Group employs hundreds of people of different nationalities and backgrounds, each one of whom is helping the company excel in a diverse number of fields.

The company works with a network of foreign partners, government institutions, and local businesses to execute major building, civil, and industrial engineering and construction projects – all part of the construction boom that is taking place in the Gulf Region's most dynamic nation. In addition, Almuftah Group also owns businesses in a number of other sectors, including automotive and transport, industrial equipment and components, home and business electronics, residential and contract furnishings, cable and satellite TV broadcasting, education, restaurants and catering, graphic design and publicity, travel and recreation, real estate, wellness and fitness, and personal products and accessories. Concrete plans are also in place to further expand the Group's presence in other key cities around the Middle East.

In 2013, Almuftah Group celebrated its 50th anniversary, a milestone for an enterprise which has built its business on the conviction that excellence, good leadership, and success all go hand-in-hand. Qatar is leading the Gulf Region in its economic golden age, and Almuftah Group is proudly at the forefront of this nation's march toward the future.

vision and mission

At Almuftah Group, we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen. Our mission, vision, and values are at the core of our enterprise's culture, which has evolved throughout our half-a-century history.



It is Almuftah Group’s mission to ensure that our customers are afforded the best value for their investment by providing them with the finest products in the market and the most outstanding services possible.

Furthermore, we endeavour to continuously create opportunities for the sustainable growth and enrichment of our enterprise, our people, and the communities in which we operate by perpetually exercising proficient and responsible corporate leadership.



We envision Almuftah Group to be the best goods and services enterprise in the State of Qatar, setting the bar in quality, value, and customer service.

We have always believed that our products and services have the power to improve people’s quality of life; thus, it is in our interest to put into action decisions and programmes that not only foster productivity and maximize returns but also help us improve our business in order to create a better future for our customers, our employees, our partners, and all other stakeholders.

message from our chairman

ChairmanAs founder and chairman of Almuftah Group of Companies, one of the pioneer business establishments in the State of Qatar, I look back with satisfaction at the great achievements and astonishing growth of our enterprise. From its modest beginnings during its nascent years, it has become one of the country’s biggest businesses, thanks to the keen vision, inspiration, and hard work of all those who have been part of our family.

Since its inception, Almuftah Group has diversified its business and has touched the lives of people from all walks of life. It gives me a great sense of fulfilment when I think about the winning network of employees, customers, and partners that we have built over the years. I am certainly grateful to all the people who repose confidence in our work.

But all of this would not have been possible if not for the invaluable support that the Government of the State of Qatar has afforded us through the years. Our government — wise and prudent but also determined and ingenious — played a vital role in the development of Qatar’s private sector, of which Almuftah Group is part. It certainly did not occur just by happenstance that the growth of our business transpired alongside the evolution of this great nation.

Indeed, I am confident that with the support of all our partners and customers and with the continued perseverance and dedication of our people, all of our future endeavours will continue to be successful.

history and heritage

HistoryEvery day, we run our businesses hoping to do two simple things: to make you happy and to make Qatar a better place. This was true when Almuftah Group was established half a century ago, and it is just as true today. Every piece of jewellery we make, we craft with utmost care because we know it can make you feel special; every edifice we build, we construct with unparallelled passion because every single one of them is a testament to Qatar’s towering ambitions.

This page celebrates the successful integration of our many divisions into an enterprise that now covers a full spectrum of industries. So broad has become our experience and expertise that today, our customers come to us for an astonishing number of goods and services. From the beginning, we have set out to be a different kind of company, and we have accomplished this goal only because you have been with us every step of the way.

The past 50 years in our business history has been a road well run for us. We invite you to take a look at these significant dates in our organisation’s history — highlights that together make up Almuftah Group’s long and proud heritage.


Almuftah Group is established by founder Abdul Rehman Muftah Almuftah.


Almuftah Group opens its first tyre showroom along Airport Road in Doha.
The showroom initially sells products from Toyo Tires, one of Japan’s preeminent tyre manufacturers.


Almuftah Rent a Car becomes one of the pioneers of Qatar’s car rental industry.


Almuftah group sells furniture for the first time.


Almuftah Group first tries its hand at handling construction projects.Almuftah Carpentry
is established , allowing Almuftah Group’s furniture business to expand.


Almuftah constructing Company is established as a result of the growing number of construction projects being
managed by the company. The public gets a first taste of the specialty dishes created by Sterling Catering Services restaurants.
Almuftah fiberglass Products starts operations. The Company first manufactures hygienic water tanks for Doha’s residents .


Almuftah Jewellery opens to cater to Qatar’s growing number of fashion- conscious residents.


Foreign industrial and engineering firms line up to be sponsored by Almuftah Projects and industrial Services for the first time.


The Almuftah Centre in Al Sadd Street is inaugurated.It becomes Qatar’s most modern shopping centre of its
time Altadamon Motors and Trading established, becoming Qatar’s distributor of Tayota and Lexus vechicles.


Almuftah Group handles its first real estate development projects. The English Modern school opens its doors to its
first batch of students. Providing quality education to young people become a priority of the Almuftah management.


Almuftah Cable Vision becomes one of the first companies in Qatar to introduce cable television technology in the country.


Almuftah Group first tries its hand at performing glass reinforced concrete and gypsum works projects.


Almuftah Group founds its graphic design and publicity division Design and Concept.


Almuftah Travel and Tours begins offering great value leisure and business trips to customers.
Almuftah polymers is established, becoming on of Qatar’s pioneer producers of polymer-based storage solutions .


Almuftah Marketing the mother division of Almuftah’s perfumes and cosmetics unit,
introduces a number of renowned American and European cosmetics and perfume brands into Qatar.


Almuftah Interiors is established, carrying on Almuftah Group’s tradition od creating magnificent gypsum
works for homes and buildings. The division also begins manufacturing portacabins at the onset of Doha’s construction boom.


Almuftah Group's Elevators and Escalators Division is founded to help Qatar meet its increasing demand for
people-and goods-moving solutions as the construction of new buildings in the country accelerates in earnest.


The Automatic Doors Division is established the following year, also in response to the construction surge in Qatar
Recognising the market potential in Doha's flashy neighbor, Dubai, Almuftah Group begins trading tyres,
lubricants, and automotive batteries in the city through its overseas division, Muftah Almuftah General Trading Company .


Sixteen years after establishing The English Modern School, Almuftah Group
inaugurates Fun First Nursery,a daycare and educational facility for preschool children.


Almuftah Jewellery opens its first branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Almuftah Wood and Metal is established. American health and fitness club Anytime Fitness is introduced by Almuftah Group to Qatar.


Almuftah Group establishes Almuftah School Supplies Division, otherwise known as Edu-Max.s.


Almuftah Group celebrates its 50th year anniversary.

our values

Our values are grounded on six core principles. They serve as our corporate guideposts, directing the course of all of our actions and decisions.

  • excellence

    We always go the extra mile to afford our customers and our associates exceptional value. We strive to be the best in the standards we set and in the results we create.

  • integrity

    We value honesty and openness, and we honour all our commitments. We take responsibility for the things we do, we focus on action, and we take initiative in order to accomplish our tasks and obligations.

  • responsiveness

    We strive to nurture a successful network of customers and partners. We listen to all the people we work with, and we make sure to respond to their needs in a timely and sensitive manner.

  • learning

    We are curious and creative, we remain constantly open to change, and we are focused on our continuous improvement so that we can face up to all the challenges that come our way.

  • fairness

    We work in an environment of mutual respect and inclusion, unbiased judgment, and equality. We profoundly value the individuality and diversity of our people.

  • leadership

    We do our best to foster a team culture that allows our people to inspire meaningful change in our organisation. We value collaboration and synergy, and we make sure that our colleagues are encouraged to reach their full professional potential.